TESA : Traversée de l’Atlantique en Tonneau UPDATES



Friday 11th January 2019:

Wake up around 5am, the barrel advances towards the South.

At the frontal and acrobatic position, I go back floating anchor with my hand still sensitive. The cabin is relieved and there are fewer jerks, which makes me gain speed. I’m happy to finally leave in the right direction!

10 am: Grains follow one another, the winds diminish, accelerate, then turn and return but nothing serious … I’m a real cork

On board, I tinker with the screwdriver, in order to clean the hull in apnea.

Today, only the bird of departure has come to spot me.
Then from 19h to 20h: 1,800 shots to get, thanks to my desalinator, 4.5 liters of very pure water, a good sequence of bodybuilding

Tomorrow will be another day…


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71-year-old Frenchman Jean-Jacques Savin has begun a sea voyage from the Canary Islands in a bid to reach the Caribbean.

He will cross the Atlantic Ocean in a barrel-shaped orange capsule, using ocean currents alone to propel him.


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